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Funny with Money


This course leads to clearing the deep personal, social and cultural confusion regarding “Money as the Symbol for the Richness of all Life.” This enhances your ability to Receive, to Give, in Relationships, Success, and in Business to create a Healthy Relationship with Money and ALL of LIFE.

Funny with Money: E~Book (101 pages) Download: Book, Participation CD, DVD $29


Funny with Money Hardcopy Book (101 pages) Hardcopy Book + Participation CD + DVD  $40


Funny With Money: Participation CD only — $20.00 (Note: this is not the book on CD)



“Muscle Testing Made Simple” – DVD

Muscle Testing Made Simple: This short instructional DVD demonstrates classic Muscle Testing in a simple and clear manner. Learn to use this important tool for managing your energy and for facilitating your personal journey of Core Health.

Muscle Testing is valuable for:

* DISCOVERY of what is going on in us;
* EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING energetically to easily naturalize
benefits within your self.

Testing Made Simple

(1 DVD,$17)

For managing your energy and for facilitating your

personal journey of Core Health.

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"Are YOU FUNNY with MONEY?" expands into Money as a SYMBOL for the Richness of ALL LIFE ~ ~ Receiving, Giving, Relationships, Success, at all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual ~ ~ the Flow of All and Everything which includes MONEY. 3 exciting sessions clearing your deepest issues with money and success to create a healthy relationship with Money and Life. Then . . . Everything Flows. Jump into the River of the Flowing Universe, rather than sitting on the river bank.

"I've stated hundreds of affirmations ... read dozens of books, tacked up vision boards... I've prayed, worried, demanded, and pleaded -- but nothing changed -- until the profoundness of FUNNY with MONEY. It unfolded into many areas of life including my identity, sense of self. I am astonished by the ease of clearing my baggage and fears around money. This experience will increase your wealth, enjoyment, and more." LEG, St. Petersburg, FL